Kana's in love with her friend Takumi. They've known each other forever, and they're even coworkers now. Of course, he has no idea. Why would he? He's hot and competent, so he's got plenty of women to choose from. She, on the other hand, wears glasses, has a baby face, and has absolutely no experience with men. Desperate, she forms a plan with another colleague to ask Takumi to pop her cherry for her on the pretense that this is all to get with another guy. At first, he tries to dissuade her but soon realizes how adamant she is. And, as much as he thinks this is a bad idea, he can't stand the thought of her doing it with some other dude!


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Zna Yoshino

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Mayu Kitami

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Friend Zoned... Or, Am I? (1)

Pages: 28

Friend Zoned... Or, Am I? (2)

Pages: 28

Friend Zoned... Or, Am I? (3)

Pages: 28

Friend Zoned... Or, Am I? (4)

Pages: 28

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