My hobby of watching porn has been exposed! "Non-Stop Cumming: Oozing with Pleasure? Well then, how about I give you all that you want?" Lifting up her skirt, he gives her a loving caress... and toying with her nipples, his tongue deep inside her... she's gonna cum once again!!At her new job, Iori is reunited with Yayoi, with whom she shares a dark history. She took advantage of his naivete and fooled around with him in the past, but now it's his turn to return the favor?! "Hey, does it feel better than it did back then?" Iori is pushed to her limit by his skillful caresses and teasing demands..."What?! You're going to leave me like this?! That's so cruel!" Being toyed with through sexual traps, Iori yearns for Yayoi to be deeper inside of her!



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Itazura Replay AV Mitai ni Ikitai Watashi to Ijiwaru Oji

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Item List Current ch. 3 completed

New Release: Apr 25, 2024 (JST)

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