Reborn As A One-In-A-Thousand-Years Beauty

author :

Maruko Hana


In my past life, I was so ugly I was nicknamed "piggy-gorilla," but I have now been reborn in a future where Japan resembles the Heian period... as Kaguya, a one-in-a-thousand-years beauty.
Running away when my brother was about to assault me, I was saved by Yasuhito, a gorgeous man similar to the one I loved in my past life.
We've only just met, and yet my heart won't stop beating! We share feverish breaths, spending a dreamlike night together, but...

A reverse harem romance with the gorgeous noblemen of the Neo-Heian period! Who will win Kaguya's heart...?


Mature_Romance_MangaFantasyIsekai/Another_WorldJapanese_CultureHaremsLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts

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author :

Maruko Hana

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Brite Publishing

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Senkoi Sennen ni Hitori no Bishojo ni Tensei Shitanode Miyabina Ikemen to Koishimasu

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Reborn As A One-In-A-Thousand-Years Beauty (1)

Pages: 30

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