"I won't allow her to get away."
She's flustered by the sweet voice and lascivious fingers of His Majesty's hungry younger brother!

"Your scent excites me." Giselle is the "ghostly" daughter of a family of artists. She's perplexed when a marriage proposal seems to come out of nowhere from Duke Silvio Leoncavalro, the king's younger brother. He is the subject of many rumors in society, most of them about his supposed love affairs. Unable to refuse his proposal due to their different social statuses, Giselle becomes engaged to the duke, but she worries about what he wants from her. Still, her innocent body inevitably responds to Silvio's sweet and beautiful voice, and her heart melts at his passionate words, unleashing her lascivious side. Giselle begins to gradually become attracted to Silvio, who says he hopes she falls in love with him by the time of their wedding. However, Giselle gets involved in an incident that shakes up their relationship...


Mature_Romance_MangaRoyalty/Nobles HotFull Volume/Tankobon

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BisouBisou Comics

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Oteidenka no Amai Shuai Koi no Nioi ni Hatsujochu

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BisouBisou Comics

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His Royal Highness is Infatuated by the Scent of Love

Pages: 129

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