Tomo's in love with his neighbor, Takeru, but Takeru's totally obsessed with his two brothers. What bothers Tomo the most, though, is the fact that Takeru doesn't seem to notice how he feels about him, no matter how hard he tries. Is it because he's younger? Or is it because he's a childhood friend? These questions plague his mind. And, because of that, Takeru walks around naked in front of Tomo and kisses him as if he were family! Tomo finally tells Takeru that he wants to date him directly, but...

A love story between a young guy and his beautiful, dense neighbor!


Yaoi_MangaChildhood_FriendsYounger_TopsDoctors/ScientistsLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts

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Rock Yamada

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Burakon Chonan to Koisuru Process

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How I Fell In Love With My Brother-Obsessed Neighbor (1)

Pages: 27

How I Fell In Love With My Brother-Obsessed Neighbor (2)

Pages: 27

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