The Avatar Diaries Love or Bust!?

Following her graduation from a big-name, all-girls university, 27-year-old Akane Hazuki has worked diligently at a top ad agency as a database assistant to Kazuhito Goda, an overseas returnee and account exec who is the same age as Akane and has good looks and popularity in spades. Little does anyone know that Akane leads a double life every night as "Avatar Yuka," a sexy online avatar who has cultivated quite the Internet following with her flashy sense of fashion. One day, Akane finds herself shocked to learn that not only did an avatar she met online turn out to be Goda, but that Goda is apparently a fan of busty girls! Presented with a miraculous opportunity to "endow" herself, Akane goes on the hunt for Goda, only to find a surprise waiting for her... Hot on the heels of the popular "Real Maid," enjoy the second entry in Kenjiro Kakimoto's series of hand-drawn comics!

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The Avatar Diaries Love or Bust!?

Pages: 25

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Author : LeoKenjiro Kakimoto Publisher : G2Comix Kyonyuu Avater de Yuuwaku

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August 12, 2014 (JST)
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