Twenty-five year-old Yuichi Sato lives the life of a plain-old businessman. That would all change with the discovery of a peculiar ad online... "Treat with care and it cares for you back?" "You'll swear it's the real thing?" "No way this is real. You gotta be kidding me...." Skeptical yet tempted, Yuichi clicks on the order button for a "Real Maid" free trial kit. Week by week, new parts of the kit are sent to Yuichi's place, beginning with the hands and feet, then the torso, then finally the maid parts. As Yuichi puts them all together, he is astonished to find a "real" maid walking and talking before his very eyes. All was good until that one fateful day...



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Shuukan Real Maid

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Real maid1

Pages: 75

Real maid2

Pages: 98

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