Genetic Potential

Author :

Rio Fukuda


In 21st century Japan. to protect superior genes present among its population and secure the creation of geniuses for Japan's next generation. the government has a peculiar plan in effect at a center for child prodigies. All of the young men and women raised at the center demonstrate their talents in specific fields and go on to contribute to the development of Japanese society - all but Kurumi. who shows little promise as a genius. With valuable tax yen on the line. the center decides to make Kurumi demonstrate her talents in other ways...


Mature_Romance_MangaForceful100pts-199pts Completed

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Author :

Rio Fukuda

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Japanese :

Kyousei Idenshi Kouhai Tensai no Kodane wo Harame

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Genetic Potential (1)

Pages: 25

Genetic Potential (2)

Pages: 27

Genetic Potential (3)

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Genetic Potential (4)

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