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Memily Rating
"What will become of me?" the MC mourns at the end of chapter 1. I'm a bit curious about that myself, though so far I'm not terribly impressed- so I spring for one more chapter.Aaaand that's all it takes. "Genetic Potential" is, at it's core, similar to popular teen trilogies like "Divergent" and "Crewel"- the MC is full of untapped potential which those in power seek to use for their own benefit. She is innocent, beautiful, and utterly helpless on her own- the perfect sex toy. You can find the same character in plenty other manga on Renta, so I suggest you do so. You might find a more appealing setting than this one. (10/16/15)
nohface Rating
an happy ending in the end, the girl marries the guy that she always loved and looked up too..... her talent was having sex with other guys to get them off their slump..
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