In Heat For You

author :

Hiyori Arakawa


Luna visits a university lab to fix her exceptionally sensitive senses only to find out the professor she is seeking has passed away. The researcher, Hinato Tadokoro offers to help Luna who is devastated. As they run some tests, Luna's sense of smell responds strongly to Hinato's pheromones and...!?


Mature_Romance_MangaDoctors/ScientistsSadistic_Boyfriend100pts-199pts Completed

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author :

Hiyori Arakawa

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Japanese :

Furetara Icchau Binkan Marmot

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In Heat For You (1)

Pages: 26

In Heat For You (2)

Pages: 27

In Heat For You (3)

Pages: 27

In Heat For You (4)

Pages: 27

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September 30, 2019 (JST)
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