An Unfair Marriage-Arranging Meeting

author :

Afro Otonari


The happy children (4 boys and one girl) of the Suzuki family are living on their own. Their parents live overseas, so this year on the birthday of the youngest, Asahi, they send the kids a video letter. When they happily start watching it... It turns out that the only girl among them, Haruna, is adopted! What's more, she has to marry one of her 4 brothers! To Haruna, who is confused, the brothers present an idea: "Have sex with us all to decide which one." Haruna can't turn down the idea, so she goes to bed with her brothers and...?! She loses her virginity to her younger brother, and her older twin brothers touch her from the front and the back... "Mom, I... went crazy with pleasure... again..." Don't miss this outrageous "marriage arranging"!


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Afro Otonari

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Konna Omiai Hansoku desu

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An Unfair Marriage-Arranging Meeting

Pages: 62

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September 26, 2014 (JST)
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