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Sudowoodo204 Rating
2.25/5Chemistry - +.25 Haruna consents, but considering her choice is based on "love" there doesn't seem to be any good reason for her final decisionVariation - +1 there's four different partners, voyeur, a threesome and toys Value - 62 pages +.25 - There's four scenes, each only about three pages long, it spends too much time on the "plot" that's not very engagingQuality - +.25 - the Poses are stiff, lots of "chibi" faces , zoomed in panels and sparse backgroundsEntertainment - .5 - I've reread it a few times, but the story has been done in a better way before.
snap23 Rating
Waste of tickets....the pace was a bit fast the sex scenes were sirously lacking and lame....I really want my tickets back
Nora990 Rating
the story line is good but i didn't like how she tried every brother to know which one is the one she love
Sighz Rating
Art is great. Smut was good. Character development & storyline were kind of lacking any substance/depth. Overall a decent read.
ScarletHAP12 Rating
This manga is so lame. It's like throwing $3 in the garbage on purpose. The characters are flat and the plot is nonexistent.
Krisp202 Rating
It was too short & it has a ridiculous plotDON'T BOTHER!
TrinaCasey Rating
Should have listened to the last reviewer. This had a good plot, but poorly executed. The heroin is a retard, the brothers are idiots, bordering on molesters. Don't waste your time or your tickets, as the other guy said "It's been done better before."
BlackDove03 Rating
Unexpected stroy-line I was a bit confused at the beginning, but as i progressed it was clear to see the relationship that Hurana and her brothers had was really special in each aspect, and i enjoyed the art work.
Pinkydie123 Rating
Storyline is great and unexpected , love how she tried to resolve the issue , very sexy story a must read
sakueva Rating
Oh lala, DEFINITELY a must read! Nice plot, art, and progress - not to slow not to fast. Has a bit of humor here and there and ends'll find out when you read it. :D