Reclusive Yaoi manga artist Kashizaki has only one source of entertainment... He enjoys sexually harassing the deliverymen who come to his door! One day, the deliveryman who comes to Kashizaki's place is muscular, good-looking Kohei. For Kashizaki, it's instant love at first sight, but Kohei isn't playing along. Kashizaki's feeling become stronger and stronger , to the point where he starts masturbating while on the intercom... His body is hot and throbbing, but somewhere in his heart he starts to become afraid of love... Will this love over the intercom ever be fulfilled...!?


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Gachimuchi Takuhaibin Ai to Ichimotsu Todokemasu

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Gachi-Muchi Home Delivery -Love and Cock Right to Your Door-

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Pages: 42

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