The Sheep in Heat and the Wolf Sacrifice

author :

Nori Seyoshi


Mr. Merry is a boys' love manga artist. He's bad at drawing beautiful boys, though... then, one day, a beautiful boy named Okami Naoto moves in next door! Naoto isn't just good at housework, he's happy to help out in every regard! He seems to be the perfect gentle prince... the perfect boys' love model that Mr. Merry was searching for! And so, after eating Naoto's delicious cooking day after day... suddenly, one night, Naoto transforms?! That's right! He strips off his sheep's clothing and reveals himself as a wolf! Seems like he has his reasons, though... get ready for a wild ride in this crazy boys' love comedy!


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author :

Nori Seyoshi

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Hatsujou Hitsuji to Ikenie Ookami

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The Sheep in Heat and the Wolf Sacrifice

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March 03, 2018 (JST)
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