Violence Babysitter -Kaji, Here for Duty!-

author :

Machi Higashi


Kaji, a rental babysitter, is an unparalleled ladies' man! He spends his days feasting on the mothers of the children he babysits... but then, one day, he's rented by a single father! Kaji can't help but feel shocked, since he hates men, but eventually starts getting interested in the father because of how beautiful he is! Just how far do they go?! He even takes care of the father down THERE?! Then Kaji's co-worker Minakata shows up, and things REALLY start getting crazy!


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author :

Machi Higashi

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Violence Babysitter Haken Saretekita Kaji desu

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Violence Babysitter -Kaji, Here for Duty!-

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Pages: 32

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June 19, 2018 (JST)
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