Manboobs - Milking Ecstasy

author :

Junko Shiba


Kubogawa is a crappy, worn-out salaryman. But then, one day, he discovers that he's lactating... he's grown manboobs! He puts band-aids on his nipples to try and stop them, but they just keep overflowing! And so, he sneaks into the bathroom and storeroom at work and tries to take care of them... until he's spotted by a younger co-worker! And it just so happens that this co-worker has a very unusual fetish... don't miss this "unique" older male love story!


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author :

Junko Shiba

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Japanese :

Otoko Chichi Shiborareru Kaikan

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Manboobs - Milking Ecstasy

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October 23, 2015 (JST)
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