Caged: the Silent Lamb

author :

Nori Seyoshi


Kiyotaka Tono was oldest son and heir to the strongest yakuza family in Japan, but was sent overseas to study abroad by his stepmother's design. The school, it turns out, is no more than a prison for the scum of the criminal underworld! As the only Asian prisoner, Tono becomes an easy target for violation by the inmates until he meets Nana ? a strange boy from an Italian mafia clan who seems to have an insatiable fascination with his hair. Nana promises to help Tono escape... for a price. Will he pay it? Can Tono make it out in one piece?? And what is Nana's dark secret?!?


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author :

Nori Seyoshi

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Japanese :

Ori Nakenai Hitsuji

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Caged: The Silent Lamb

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Pages: 38

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August 04, 2020 (JST)
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