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Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely love this story but I agree it is way to short. I would have preferred if they ended up together
mahikokatoru Rating
It is meh. Not bad, but could be better. It is a complete story, just that it could be longer and more fleshed out. But I do like this mangaka. They wrote another series that I absolutely love.
bluexboy69 Rating
Feels a bit short, like it would have done better as more than a one-shot, but for its length the story was well-developed and the characters had room to evolve. The art style works for this story and overall the translation seems good, though there are a few places where it may have been off (the 11th heir? Shouldn’t it be 1st heir, or at least higher up if he’s the oldest son?). The emotional connection between the main characters is wistful, especially at the end. Overall, I enjoyed this story and would read again.
Cram Rating
Good start. Could be a really cute story. Could really be a lot longer and I would give up to five stars, but its too short, so only four.
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