Professional Break-Up Artists -Contracts Backed by Hot Bodies-

author :

Kasai Fujii


Cheating husbands break their wive's hearts, but these men make them fall madly in love and break them right back. They're the "Break-up Artists". Taketo has inherited his father-figure's trade of breaking couples up, but he still doesn't have the skills to take over the "family business". One day, he receives a request from his "father's" former lover, asking him to seek revenge! Eager to prove his worth, Taketo accepts this strange request, but will he be able to seduce his mentor? Or will he be done in by the older man's seasoned techniques?!


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author :

Kasai Fujii

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Japanese :

Hissatsu Wakaresaseya Asoko ni Keiyakusho wo Kakageru Otoko

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Professional Break-Up Artists -Contracts Backed by Hot Bodies-

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Pages: 33

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September 20, 2019 (JST)
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