The Cruise of Despair - 8 Days Kept Aboard a Ship

author :

Hikaru Kisaki


"I'll turn you into my horny sex pet!" The long awaited summer vacation has arrived, and Arisa is out for a cruise with some friends from her university club. She's hoping to close the gap between her and the man she fancies. That was the plan, but then everything goes crazy! Forced to take an aphrodisiac, she's violated right before his eyes, and taken time and time again! This is... absolutely horrible!! Even though she doesn't want to, the sensation overcomes her and she enjoys it!! "Please! Someone! Save me!" A cruel, despair-filled game and an evil man's endless "training" regime. But in the end, was it all just a set-up?? A trap??



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author :

Hikaru Kisaki

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Japanese :

Zetsubou Hyouryuu Fune no Ue de Kawareta Youkakan

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The Cruise of Despair - 8 Days Kept Aboard a Ship

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Pages: 27

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July 30, 2014 (JST)
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