Pretty Guys Can't Handle Babies - Neglecting Me Too? -

author :

Shimeji Enoki


When Kaoru's mother gets remarried, the new family members come to live with them... one of whom is Touma, a celebrity who's famous for being a hot, domestic-god! However, when Touma gets home, he's a different guy... Kaoru can't believe it, but he sees his lonely side and decides to look after him... a little too much! Two hot domestic gods - one of whom is no good! It's a homo-erotic comedy!


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author :

Shimeji Enoki

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Japanese :

Kosodate Dekinai Ikumen Danshi Ore no Asoko mo Neglect

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Pretty Guys Can't Handle Babies - Neglecting Me Too? -

Pages: 32

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October 19, 2014 (JST)
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