User Reviews For: Pretty Guys Can't Handle Babies - Neglecting Me Too? -


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lovemekyoya Rating
Wore that big star just lost to a Lil brat and he's getting jealous lol but so sweet
Ren Rating
Short, sweet, sexy...wish it was a little wouldn't have felt so rushed lol
WickedWahine808 Rating
Big Brother loses to his cute baby brother... this is a really cute, fun, and enjoyable story. I hope there are more chapters that show the development of the step brothers relationship. <3
0917 Rating
It was good. I wished it was longer though. But the vest part is the very last part with baby Daiki giving Touma that evil smirk. ??? Touma cannot compete with that baby.
Jojo1988 Rating
This book was funny I loved it
mieikaz Rating
I love it!!! Who wouldn't like a cute lil' bro and a step-brother who is tender, loving and caring. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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