VIP-Only Elevator Girl: Sir, Please Press Me Here

author :

Atsuki Tokumasa


Emi works in an office and doesn't do a very good job at her real estate company. One day, the president calls her in. Just when she thinks she's finally going to get fired, she is ordered to become a VIP-only elevator girl in a high-rise apartment building full of major celebrities! However... in the elevator, she gets molested by groups of perverts, and even gets punished by the crazily-sadistic president... How is this part of her job?! Then, all of a sudden, a super-hot lawyer appears... "Does she come with the room?" And then, a battle for her starts! An elevator experience filled with nothing but hot guys... "Sir, I will now take you to the very top!"


Mature_Romance_MangaLove_TriangleCEOProfessionalSadistic_BoyfriendOneshotLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts300pts-399ptsUpgrade

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author :

Atsuki Tokumasa

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VIP Senzoku Elevator Girl Okyaku-sama Atashi no Koko wo Oshite Kudasai

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VIP-Only Elevator Girl: Sir, Please Press Me Here

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November 02, 2015 (JST)
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