Weiner Workout

Using ED as an excuse to fuck someone in the ass!? Can a man have his virginity stolen and get an erection even if he hates it!? Kyoya is a doctor whose girlfriend dumped him because she said the sex was boring. When he talks to a colleague who is a physiotherapist, Minakura, he is told that there is a massage that works great for curing ED! And, his colleague is willing to perform it. Doubting that it will work but figuring why not, Kyoya follows him to... to the gynecology office!? Why is he having his legs spread open wide even though he's a man? Could the massage that Minakura gives be designed to... stimulate his prostate and make him hard?

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Weiner Workout (1)

Pages: 67

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Weiner Workout - Curing Impotence by Attacking the Prostate - (2)

Pages: 67

Rent (48hrs) : $

Buy : $4.00



author : Yuzuru Mikumouroco publisher : SCREAMO Chin Tore

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