The Sadistic Dentist - Time for Your Deep Clean! -

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Saya Okuse


"I'll make it so you touch yourself when you think of me." Ever since a traumatic incident as a child, I've hated the dentist. I can cure this cavity with my mind... ! That's what I thought, but my friends forced me to go to the renowned Sawama Dental Clinic. The dentist there turned out to be a sadistic pervert... !! He seemed kind at first, but as he forced my mouth open and looked down at my crying face with joy he said, "You still haven't realized? It's me, Itta." Oh no, this is...... !! He even played with my nipples with a toothbrush, telling me I haven't been brushing my teeth right! This is the sweet, perverted love story of a kind-faced sadistic dentist and a masochistic crybaby!!


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Saya Okuse

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Do-S no Haisha-San Haburashi Oku Made Iretokimasune

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The Sadistic Dentist - Time for Your Deep Clean! -

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May 04, 2020 (JST)
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