Spring Waltz

Noriko is from a formerly poor family, and attends a school for the rich. She enjoys spending her days surrounded by the sons and daughters of the very wealthy, but still feels like she doesn't quite fit in. She longs to fall in love, but will dating lead to marriage with one of these young men? ...Impossible! How could she marry a prince, when their upbringings are so different...? During winter break, she takes a job at a high-class inn, and meets the somewhat mysterious Tatsuya. Elusive and a little overbearing, he's the kind of guy who will sneak into her room at night. They hold hands, they get a little closer, they kiss. Noriko slowly starts to fall in love... When they fall in love, every girl becomes a princess. This is a special love that sparkles like a jewel.

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Spring Waltz

Pages: 175

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author : Mitsuru Wakana publisher : KASAKURA PUBLISHING co.,ltd. Spring Waltz

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