Oh, And a Bowl of Moxa is Coming

I've been alone for my whole life... Afraid of being betrayed. Shunya Hinatsu is a skilled TV producer, and Sei Kiyama is a popular drama scriptwriter. They used to be lovers, but their relationship ended after Sei's betrayal... or so it seemed! Once they reunite, they both become prisoners to the feelings that they couldn't forget! This is a love story about cowardly people who hesitate to fall in love!

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Oh, And a Bowl of Moxa Is Coming

"I was alone for my wole life... Afraid of being betrayed. I can't believe I feel drawn to him after seeing him again, even though he betrayed me..." A love story about cowardly adults![179pages]
Pages: 179
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author : Hanko Kagurazaka JP Publisher : TAIYOH TOSHO Eng Publisher : Digital Manga, Inc. Chikyuu no Ue ni Asa ga Kuru

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Digital Manga,Inc.

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