Ero-Mantic Tour -Erotic Detective Ryosuke Akiba-

Kana works as an assistant to Ryosuke, a university student who is also a detective. Although Ryosuke has fine detective skills, his main problem is that he can't make any deductions without erotic stimulation! Even when he is listening to the stories of his clients, his hands are fondling kana's body. She gets felt up, which arouses her, but he always ends the foreplay after he's made his deductions...... so she's fed up with being the assistant to such an ego-centric jerk! ...Or so she thought...... In addition to "Ecstasy level 5" where Ryosuke and Kana use sex to fuel their brilliant deductions(!), this book also contains the chapters "The Piano Prince" and "Ero-mantic Tour"from the same series. Prepare yourself for a love-mystery filled to the brim with eroticism and deductions!

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Ero-Mantic Tour -Erotic Detective Ryosuke Akiba-

Pages: 129
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author : Mitsurugi publisher : KASAKURA PUBLISHING co.,ltd. Ero-Mantic Tour Ero Tantei Akiba Ryousuke

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