Son Of The Mimura Family

The second son of a rural man of property, Kyuu, has been best friends with Toshio since childhood. As Toshio grows up, he secretly falls in love with Kyuu. One day, Kyuu's older brother Sumi, who had run away from home, coincidentally comes in contact with Toshio. Then, Sumi invites him to deepen their relationship! This is the "Son of the Mimura Family" series, which depicts adolescence wavering in the rift between friendship and love.

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Son of the Mimura Family

The second son of the Mimura family, Kyuu, has been friends with Toshio since they were kids. As Toshio grows up he falls in love with Kyuu... This comic features stories from the "Son of the Mimura Family" series and others.[172pages]
Pages: 172
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Clumsy Child -Son of the Mimura Family Series-

One day, Kyuu is shocked to find out about the relationship between his older brother, Sumi, and Toshio. This is the long-awaited second installment in the "Son of the Mimura Family" series, and shows how vulnerable youths in love can be.[179pages]
Pages: 179
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Newborn Star -Son of the Mimura Family Series-

Although they love each other, Kyuu and Toshio just can't get it together. Crestfallen, Kyuu returns to his cherry blossom-filled hometown, but can't stop thinking about Toshio. This is the moving finale of the "Son of the Mimura Family" Series.[211pages]
Pages: 211
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author : Kanako Meiji JP Publisher : TAIYOH TOSHO Eng Publisher : Digital Manga, Inc. Mimurake no Musuko

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Localization by :

Digital MangaInc.

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