Little Cry Baby

A shy and clumsy university student; a salary man trapped in an arranged marriage; a not-so-skilled novice magician; two high school boys who have been fighting it out since they were kids; and a humanoid dog... what could they possibly have in common? Well, they're about to find love in the most unexpected of places. Oh, and there's another thing about them as well they all seem to cry over the simplest of things. Experience love's first joy and heartache in this collection of light-hearted stories from creator Keiko Kinoshita, of You and Harujion fame. So, get ready to grab a box of tissues and unleash the "Little Crybaby" in you.

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Little Cry Baby

Pages: 164

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author : Keiko Kinoshita JP Publisher : TAIYOH TOSHO Eng Publisher : Digital Manga, Inc. Nakimushi na Little

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Digital Manga,Inc.

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