Renji Juumonji's Hardship

author :

Juji Fusa


Meet Renji Jumonji, outstanding police officer and commander of the Special Investigation Unit. His one regret in life? Neglecting Daisuke, who was orphaned when his father, Renji's best friend, passed away. Thus, when Daisuke joins that very same unit, Renji vows to protect him at all costs. And protect him he must, from the roving hands of his colleague Kamioka. But when it comes down to it, can Renji protect Daisuke from his own desires...? Renji's new-found life is full of hardship!


Yaoi_MangaPolice/MilitaryComedy300pts-399ptsUpgrade Full Volume/Tankobon

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author :

Juji Fusa

JP Publisher :


Eng Publisher :

Digital Manga, Inc.

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Japanese :

Juumonji Renji no Kunan

Localization by :

Digital Manga,Inc.

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Renji Juumonji's Hardship

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Pages: 163

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November 12, 2022 (JST)
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