The Boys with Tomorrow to Conquer

author :

Satoru Ishihara


Kei Fujieda was bored: bored with school, bored with his friends, bored with life. Having been forced to attend an elite high school, Fujieda's days were spent feeling trapped. Only his rebellious, bad-boy attitude gave him a fleeting sense of excitement in his otherwise dreary existence. It wasn't until a school prank went bad that Kei found a reason worth living: Atsushi Sakurada. Sakurada was a model student and a teacher's pet; the complete opposite of Fujieda. Calm and cool in every situation, his unexpected encounter with Fujieda gave him a chance to reveal his true nature, sparking an interest in Fujieda that was both confusing and addictive. Suddenly the pair become part of each other's lives in more ways than one. Their days, once thought of as quiet and monotonous, are turned upside down as they struggle with unfamiliar feelings and outside circumstances that threaten to end their relationship when it's only just begun.


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author :

Satoru Ishihara

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Eng Publisher :

Digital Manga, Inc.

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Japanese :

Shounen wa Asu wo Korosu

Localization by :

Digital Manga,Inc.

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