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Kiss More Kiss! Comic Hot

Haruki, a member of the school film studies club, always gets his way, while the slightest touch sends the timid club president Rio into a panic. Their romantic relationship just won't go anywhere! One day, a movie inspires Haruki to kiss Rio in the empty clubroom, but it only makes Rio avoid him like the plague. Eventually, Haruki snaps, only to realize that Rio hadn't the slightest awareness they were even dating! A rollercoaster of a love story starring bashful, ridiculously beautiful characters!


Delivery Boyfriend Comic

Pizza delivery guy Asuka Tsuji has a crush on one of his customers, adult manga author Masato. Masato's neighbor Akira Tomoe is in love with Makoto, who delivers packages to his place. Two couples, brought together by delivery services. Why wouldn't they get together for a little fun...!!?


How to Discipline a Selfish Dog Comic

"Pet-sitter wanted." Seduced by a high-paying job offer, broke student Kouta leaps at the chance. His new employer turns out to be the popular, handsome author Kyousuke Watari!! Kyousuke puts on some dog ears and a tail and tells Kouta to pamper him...! "Dogs like milk... Let me drink yours." This the naughty pet life of a selfish author and a dopey college student!


Purely Sadistic Comic

The beautiful and smart but conniving Himekami is always pretending to be sick to get his way. While his classmates have no idea, Mr. Mikoshiba, the P.E. teacher, knows his true colors... since he's been having sex with Himekami for about a year now...!! The cover story is a high school romantic comedy with a guy who knows exactly when to play hot and cold. Other stories include a nursery teacher who is hopelessly in love with a single dad, and a highly sexual couple who are forced to go abstinent... It's basically a collection of erotically charged stories with lots of hot guys who aren't afraid to be sexual!!

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