One day, Princess Alicia, who cross-dresses to attend the male only Magic Academy, realizes that the world she is currently in is the setting of the BL novel she was reading in her previous life. Her purpose at the academy is to get married to one of the candidates her mother has prepared for her, so that she can avoid a political arranged marriage. However, all the candidates are members of the novel's protagonist's harem. Close to giving up hope, she's spotted by a man she'd never heard of... a new character in the story! The handsome summoner Lucius demands her hand, and before she knew it, Alicia was falling for him! This book contains explicit content and mature themes, including?explicit sexual content and dubious consent. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

This volume contains multiple chapters. Please take care when you purchase to make sure you do not buy duplicate content from the serialized version of this comic.



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Illustrated by :

Akino Shiina

publisher :


Japanese :

Tensei Dansou Oujo ha Kekon Aite wo Sagasanai

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

This Reincarnated Cross-Dressing Princess Won't Be Looking for a Fiancé

Pages: 235

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