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The Reluctant Tycoon Comic


Professional landscaper Sorrel James has had nothing but trials in her professional life and her love life, and she's at her wits' end. She's had a streak of bad luck ever since her last client, several months ago. He asked her to marry him, but as soon as she said no, his professionalism vanished. He accused her of theft and has been slandering her ever since. Sorrel doesn't know how to trust men anymore. That's when she stumbles across an old monastery in the country that has fallen into disrepair. She's fascinated by it and wants to be the one to redesign the grounds. She goes to persuade the owner in person: eccentric, handsome Garde Chevenay. To her surprise, he agrees to hire her, but is there more to him than meets the eye?



Fiery attraction Comic


There's a reason Domini, a temporary secretary, keeps turning down a permanent offer of work from her boss, Jack. He's far too attractive! She doesn't think she can remain professional if the arrogant and confident playboy keeps calling her name with that sexy voice of his. But Jack appreciates the value of her work and counteroffers with an irresistible contract. She agrees to the contract renewal on the condition that they keep their relationship professional, but the moment she signs the contract, the rules seem to fly out the window!



Behaving Badly Comic


Kenda was a beautiful history teacher, but her beauty brought her a reputation and invited trouble. She had just landed a new job, teaching for a martial arts master at a school for period actors. Betrayed by a friend, she took revenge by shredding his clothes, but was seen by her new boss. In a panic, and afraid that her actions will prove her reputation is deserved, Kenda little realizes that even more trouble is just around the corner.


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