His Temporary Mistress

Githa, recently selected as a campaign model for a major cosmetics company, has been the target of persistent harassment by an unknown party. When she flees to her friend's villa to protect herself, she finds Henry Sheldrake, a man she only just met, waiting for her. He is dangerously alluring and has no difficulty ensnaring the affections of any woman who crosses his path. Githa ought to avoid Henry, yet somehow, unable to suppress her attraction, she ends up making love with him. Several days later, Githa receives a packet of photos that were surreptitiously taken of her while she was at the villa... Could the culprit be Henry?


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His Temporary Mistress

I want to trust the man I love... Why is that so difficult?[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Yu Kohaku original novel : Emma Richmond Publisher : Harlequin

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