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The Security Guard with a Sadistic Streak Comic


"I'm gonna lick you where it feels so good." Late at night in the office... On the desk with her legs apart, under his gaze... Her body responding despite her embarrassment...! A secret office romance blooms for Satsuki and a colleague. But, one night after work, they're seen in flagrante by a security guard, Naoya, who happens to have been Satsuki's classmate. Now she must do as Naoya orders. She can never tell anyone about the perverse things that she's forced to do...!


He's a Tyrant, She's Fantasy-Prone Comic

AuthorHigashi uroco

"If he keeps touching me like that... I'm going to...!" A strange man, Kei, appears in Yuri's life out of the blue, and finds out her deepest secret. She'll do anything to keep the sadistic, narcissistic and perverted (!?) Kei from telling anyone! He knocks her down and kisses her aggressively... Then his tender tongue starts exploring her most delicate places... Knowing he doesn't care a bit for possible onlookers, she experiences a hitherto unknown pleasure...! Where will this wild, passionate love lead...!?

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