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He Manages Me Sadistically -The Sudden and Dark Cohabitation- (Current ch. 5) Comic

"Weren't you more messed up before?" That night, I lost my "first time" in the midst of a traumatic situation...! Juri, who was desperately looking for a job, got a job offer from Ichijo, who she reconnected with at a reunion. But the job turned out to be a resident assistant at her alma mater! And she has to live with Ichijo... "Your hips are moving, I guess your body doesn't lie..." The students are right by but he shoves himself in from behind, she can't stop making noises, her body is losing control and is about to melt, she's mortified but can't figure out why she can't say no...


Exquisite Butlers of the Submissive Bus Tour -Princess, It's Time for Your Punishment- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


A friend has invited me to go on a tour bus where handsome butlers exclusively cater to your every need! In the bus they treat us like complete princesses and it's fun but... have I somehow met this butler before? And then instantly after it turns midnight the butler changes completely! The handsome man that waited on me hand and foot approaches me! If you like handsome men then this is the bus tour you definitely want to join! Please come and join us, Princesses.


My Boss Younger Brother's Commands... -A Sweet and Wonderful Cohabitation- Comic


Can you sleep with me, big sis? A body that gets fondled and undone until its sensitive spots becomes warm and sticky... After my father remarried, I thought I'd get a new younger brother, but it turned out to be a hot senior worker from the same office I work in! Now all of a sudden we have to live together! This new life is so titillating, I'm completely at its mercy! Then one day, my younger brother comes home drunk and suddenly pushes me down and fondles my breasts! It may just be the mood he's in, but I want him to touch my melting body...

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