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Time for Service!? Comic

Eita, the heir to the Ichinomori Group, is showered with love by two CEOs, Kenshirou and Ryouma! But one day, an Italian designer named Amedeo threatens legal action for an alleged contract violation. Eita steps in to ease the situation, and he ends up learning about Amedeo's first love in the process. There must be more to it. Not only that, Kenshirou and Ryouma's secretaries, Imaizumi and Fujishiro, are behaving strangely... This is for everyone's happiness...! Eita moves in to help, but how does he really feel...!?


Time for Business!? Comic

Loved by two CEOs, Kenshirou and Ryouma, Eita's forced to wear many costumes and is hounded by their sexual advances as well as marriage proposals every day... but there are dark clouds on the horizon! Kenshirou's father, Kengo, will stop at nothing to find out if Eita is a suitable wife... by making his life a living hell! And what'll happen when a mysterious Italian named Julio joins the mix!?

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