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Teacher, You're Asking for Trouble [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


The quiet, melancholy art teacher at Ryohei's school is just the kind of guy he likes to tease. It all began one day during class, when the teacher, Mr. Kazami, got angry at a group of students laughing at some dirty jokes. Noticing this was out of character, Ryohei grows curious and goes. to the art room after school. He soon learns what makes Mr. Kazami tick and begins the relentless torture of his poor, sensitive art teacher...
Also, enjoy reading "You're the one who lit my fire," a love story between an actor with a hidden lust for young men, and his youthful, alluring co-star.


Yoshiwara Games -A Maiden Courtesan's Forbidden Love- Comic


Sakura was sold to the red light district, but she dreams of the promise of her first love, "I'll come to get you someday"--. But every day the men of the district open her legs in training... Then one day a man appears who tells her, "I'll come to visit you for one hundred nights if you will be mine on the one-hundredth day"...! This wonderful bittersweet courtesan's love story is a must-read!

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