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A Friend in Need [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic Hot


"Masa's not here... Should we be doing this...?" Akane is a bespectacled, mobile game-obsessed boy who is best friends with beautiful ex-child star twins Riichi and Masato. The three of them are bound by a deep, dark secret and a pact to help a "friend in need" - both in and out of the bedroom. But when Riichi fails to enter the same high school as his brother and Akane, their relationship begins to change. Can Riichi, who's had feelings for Akane from the start, win against his brother and cross the finish line with the object of his affections...!?


Dissolute Melody -Your Tone Drives Me Crazy- [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


I have sex in the music room, and the boy practices violin on the rooftop. I thought we'd never cross paths...... There's a reason why I'm always having sex in the music room; I can't get turned on without his violin melody. However, once he saw me fooling around the wheels of fate started turning... "I want to corrupt you." What does this feeling mean...!?


The Reason I Became a Gay-Porn Actor [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


"The true story of a straight guy losing his anal virginity!" After being tricked into starring in a gay porn video, he's forced to climax in front of the camera! A man who identifies himself as a porn director scouts Tsukasa, who's a huge idiot, to be a gay porn actor. Being drawn to the potential cash was his fatal mistake! Because not only is this porn, but it's porn between two guys! And so, under the eyes of the director, who's a specialist at filming sex scenes, What will happen to Tsukasa?!


Fatty Has Come for His Bride Comic


I'm definitely gonna make you my bride! 10 years ago a rather fat boy saves another kid being bullied. He then proposed, before disappearing...... Aki's an adult now but he still can't forget his chubby little prince who saved him. When his prince reappears, he's now super good-looking! Their feelings are mixed when they reunite and there's an editor in glasses looking after Aki who makes things even more complicated! Will the stubborn Aki and his free-spirited prince be able to rekindle their lost love!?

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