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The Wolf Prince's Prey [Total ch. 27] Completed Comic


Momoka, a sheltered college student, wasn't used to men at all. After a dating party she attended, she was almost dragged away to a love hotel by a suspicious guy, but then a princely man came to the rescue! Or... did he!? It turns out that the prince was just a wolf in sheep's clothing after all! But, everything he does feels too good for Momoka to resist!


In Broad Daylight!? An Innocent Florist Gets Plucked by a Dark CEO [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


"I know I should resist this... but... it feels so good..." Having taken over her grandfather's flower shop, Kasumi works herself to the bone to grow her business. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, she occasionally moonlights at "Maria", a hostess club run by one of her regular customers. To help her business grow, Kasumi will do anything. One night after helping out as a hostess, she gets a call about a bouquet of undelivered flowers and rushes to the customer. Wanting to apologize directly to the manager, she goes to him, when out of nowhere, he reaches out and rips the dress off of her! What is Kasumi supposed to do?! She wasn't expecting this...!

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