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30, Chaste, and Chased (by a Younger Guy!) [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Saki, a hardworking businesswoman, has been an editor at a women's fashion magazine for seven years and is due to become the next associate editor. Underneath that perfect exterior, however, she's a total nerd, and the only men she's interested in are fictional characters. When she does receive a promotion, it comes in the form of a transfer to a fashion magazine aimed at men! Saki's friend and coworker tells her that she needs to get used to real-life men and invites her to a mixer. There, Saki meets Ryou, a handsome man who looks just like the prince in her favorite manga. At first, he's kind and gentle, but things start getting hot and heavy pretty quickly! She reconfirms her belief that real-life men are scum, when who should she meet at work but the man she spent the night with...!


Cafe de BL -Big Muddler, Foamy Milk- Comic


Mizuo has lost his family, and is left with nothing but debt. One day, Mr. Onoda finds him... He takes on Mizuo's debt in exchange for Mizuo's working in his cafe, but the cafe turns out to be a "BL" cafe where the boys entertain the male customers in various ways! Mizuo has to do strip shows, wear revealing costumes, and entertain pervert after pervert. He finds himself in a desperate situation when one of the customers wants to play with "back virgin"...! Sadistic Owner Onoda's outrageous discipline will surely be agony!

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