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My Precious -Ravished by a Mafioso- [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Ayumu's boyfriend, Jun, is second-in-command of the Ryusei Association family. In order to prove her independence, Ayumu has been focusing on her metalwork apprenticeship for the past two years. She was supposed to return to Jun soon, but now, he's telling her to wait a little longer. While they've seen each other a few times during their separation, it's been months since the last time they met. Ayumu knows it was her choice to be with a guy from a different world, but she just can't shake off her anxiety... Enjoy the dangerous thrills of loving a mobster in this much-anticipated sequel of the smash-hit romance, "My Precious"!


The CEO's Mistress -A Prisoner's Contract- (Current ch. 2) Comic

With her mind made up, Ichika goes to Yuri with a proposition. She will ask him to help save her step-father's restaurant. Yuri is the president of the company that they work with and a regular customer, and what she offers him in exchange is herself. "If you want me to buy, you have to show me how much you're worth," says Yuri coldy, as Ichika does her best to make it an offer he can't refuse.


Sweet Confinement [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Mao's ex-boyfriend, Riichi, suddenly appears out of nowhere. She'd vowed never to see him again, and the shock makes her slip and fall down the stairs. When she awakes, Mao finds herself in Riichi's apartment. Riichi insists that Mao stay with him so he can help her recover from her injury. But, how is Mao going to handle this...?


My Dominant and Dulcet Husband [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Tsukasa and Tsugumi meet when they both happen to discover an injured dog left on the side of the road. The two come from completely different social circles. Tsukasa is a man of high society whom Tsugumi could never have imagined running into under normal circumstances. He's set to marry a proper lady in order to carry on the family name in good repute, and that means Tsugumi hasn't got a chance with him. She needs to give up her silly fantasy, but next thing she knows, he's brazenly kissing her lips right in front of his potential marriage partners.


Behind Closed Office Doors [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Ai has been assigned to work as the newly appointed company president Kaiji's secretary. Although he is a bit aloof, Ai takes pride in the fact her new boss is good at his job and starts feeling something more. She thought that their positions in the company would make romance a fleeting dream, but when Kaiji says,"I see you as a valuable partner," the two spend the night together... The company president and his secretary; a love story that transcends status.


Floral Temptation Comic

Ritsu, his father, Yui and her mother were happy in each other's company. That happiness disappeared in a car accident, when Yui's mother died behind the wheel. Ritsu's father also lost his life in the accident, and Ritsu himself was injured. He left Yui's life... until two months ago. After her mother's death, Yui had been taken in by the head of the Hosho family. She and Ritsu have a chance run-in. Riddled with guilt, Yui doesn't know how to react as Ritsu takes her in his arms and says, "I'm glad to see you." The two grow closer as the bonds lost in time awaken once again. They join as one, the blissful old days seemingly upon them. However...


Could You Call This "Love"? [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

The man I love is the man my sister loved. Kazuki has fallen for her sister's coworker, Officer Atsuto Inui. After leaving her parents with whom she couldn't get along, Kazuki was taken in by her kind sister and wished for her happiness with the man she loved. Until... Kazuki's longing for Atsuto feeds the deeply cutting guilt toward her sister. Torn between two emotions, what future will she choose...?


Spelling Out Our Love [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

The love of Miyabi's life, Hayato, moved back to town three years ago. Due to trouble over a woman, his work has been drying up, and he's found himself on hard times. Miyabi is concerned for Hayato's well-being, and she's still ridden with guilt over her part in a scar he carries on his face. When Hayato makes an advance, she submits, hoping it will ease his pain just a little. But, is this really love...?


A Love Called Sin [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

When the wind scatters Lord Takaomi's drawings, Lady Tsubaki is injured while attempting to collect them. Takaomi brings Tsubaki to his home to treat her wounds, and Tsubaki is enchanted by his mischievousness. She'd only planned on going once, but finds herself visiting him over and over... However, Takaomi is of the house Otori, the mortal enemy of Tsubaki's house, Kosaka. Theirs was a meeting that should not have been... And yet, Tsubaki will not easily give up her precious time with Takaomi...


Crime, Punishment, and Passion Comic

"I want you." Hijiri, the man who saves Noa when she falls into a lake, is only after one thing... Noa herself. Under the pretense of a business visit, Hijiri approaches Noa and warns her that she can't let her fiance have her, and leaves behind a red mark on her chest. He comes back later to check if she's kept her promise, groping around her hot insides with his fingers... And that's enough to get her juices flowing and send her wild with desire. There's no way they can get away with this......


Manor of Love Comic

"You belong to me." Chizu's father has a huge debt with Itsuki, a multi-millionaire, and has disappeared after the collapse of his business. Chizu has to pay back the loan now - with her body. Itsuki takes her virginity by force. "Everyone knows what I'm doing to you and that it's why you're here," he says, thrusting himself inside her day and night and making her moan as the sweet nectar continues to flow. Though she's aware that no sentiments of love are involved, she begins to be swayed by the occassional glimpses of kindness she sees between their acts of indecency...


A Slave to Lust Comic

"If you want to stay here, you'll have to please me." Having just lost her job and home, Chino is rescued by the wealthy Kaoru Tokiwa. She's hired as a maid to take care of his personal needs, but there's one more duty she must perform - that is, she must give her body to him whenever he desires. As their physical relationship deepens, Chino finds herself getting aroused at just the touch of his muscular, masculine hands on her secret places, and begins to get accustomed to having him inside of her. Before she knows it, the innocent Chino finds herself yearning for Kaoru's love...


The Newlywed Bride, Captive of Love [Total ch. 10] Completed Comic

"You're my wife now. You'll bear the heirs to the Takamura Clan. I've invested a million and a half dollars in you." Suzu and her sister were raised in an orphanage. When someone from the foundation attempts to sell her sister to a man, Suzu goes in her place to the man's hotel room. The man she meets there, Izumi Takamura, proposes an agreement between them after she attempts to seduce him; that contract involves Suzu marrying Izumi and bearing him a heir. The conflicted Suzu, who has never known a man's touch, is confronted with Izumi's steaming passion. The loving caress of his fingers, the pleasure he bestows upon her, all turn out to be more than she bargained for......


Seduced into Immorality Comic

Mitsuru has married Sho, a poet that lives in a huge mansion. She's delighted with their new married life as Sho gently envelops her with his love. But this peaceful life of hers changes on a stormy night, when she and the servant, Touma, are left alone together. His strong body, his rough kiss that steals her breath away, his lustful gaze... Touma's caresses seduce her into an irresistible ecstasy...... This love story is about a deviant love triangle and immoral passions.


My Precious [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Ayumu lost both her job and home when her apartment caught on fire - and then she was picked up by Jun Agata, the young leader of the Ryusei Association, a mafia organization. Agata made her heart pound when he offered to sleep with her - but he was only teasing. Still, Ayumu just can't get him out of her mind... Then, one of the members of the Ryusei Association is attacked by someone with some connection to Ayumu. Ayumu tries to leave so as not to bother Agata, but Agata suddenly pushes her down...


A Fleeting Vow [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

After Beni's grandmother, who raised her after the death of her parents, passes away, she learns that her father had actually been a gangster. What's more, at the will of her grandfather, who had been the gang leader, she is promised to be wed. As Beni tries to refuse becoming a gangster's wife, Udou appears before her like a ferocious animal. "Even if it's just temporary, we're now husband and wife..." he tells her as he almost forcibly has his way with her. Even though it's a relationship she never wanted, his kind hands, totally unlike his rough nature, begin to sway Beni's heart...

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