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Pregnant by the Sheikh The Billionaires of Black Castle III Comic


Princess Jenan of Zafrana, an Arabian kingdom, had her back against a wall. Was marrying the aging monarch of a rich neighboring country the only way to save her heavily indebted kingdom? Just as she was feeling her most desperate, a majestic man commanded her attention. He was Numair Al Aswad, one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. A man of his standing might be able to help resolve her kingdom's crisis. When Jenan asks for his help, Numair readily accepts, explaining that he needs a woman to give him an heir. And just like that, he steals a kiss!



Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Black Castle IV Comic


Richard! Isabella is shocked to see a familiar face on New York's Fifth Avenue. Her memory of the passion they shared is the single bright spot in the hellish time she spent in South America. Eight years ago, he seduced her, but it turned out he only wanted to get revenge. Now they've reunited just as she's starting to make a new life for herself as a doctor. Soon he invites her to his extravagant penthouse. Though he's become incredibly rich, there's still a lingering shadow in his gray eyes. She's unable to resist his desperate kisses and passionate embrace, which make his next words all the more shocking. He's demanding that she leave the country!



From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride The Billionaires of Black Castle I Comic


With her father, Eliana attends a ball held by genius businessman Rafael Moreno Salazar. She knows he is the only hope for her father's company, which is in dire straits, but for some reason she feels uneasy. Then a handsome man, exuding danger, appears before her, and with the exchange of a passionate kiss, she is head over heels for him. Is this the beginning of a sweet love? Or is it a cruel deception?



Scandalously Expecting His Child The Billionaires of Black Castle II Comic


Scarlett was at an engagement party for billionaire businessman Raiden. Five years ago, Raiden and Scarlett made passionate love, but she was afraid of him finding out about her past, so she left him. She changed her face and name and was reborn as someone new, so there's no way he could know who she was. Yet somehow, as soon as Raiden sees her, he recognizes her as Scarlett! She tries to hide her feelings for him, but Raiden steps right up to her and holds her tight. Then he asks her to become his mistress!


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