User Reviews For: Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Black Castle IV


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hope2009 Rating
There was no development for story, it felt bland. It's ok but not worth the points.
NMAT64 Rating
I know the reasons other didn't give it a good review. I do understand and they are right about the story is too fast and on in depth review or more of a background. But I did like this whole series of the 4 friends who were brought together in a bad situation. I just wish there would be a 5th story of the "Doc" How he met the 4 men, and how he helps them and maybe a women who would come into his life?
kali86 Rating
Very good line art
AinoKusabi Rating
Claiming His Secret Son is an all right story, but it felt extremely rushed; too much information is jammed packed in so few pages, and this is thanks to a considerable amount of backstory between the two main characters. The overall story is interesting, but it definitely could've been executed better which would've led to increased character development and a plot with more substance, something I could've sunk my teeth in to. The art is simplistic but quite pretty.
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