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Instant Lovers [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Publisherwwwave comics

"Hey, does that mean you really love me?" ...Aki and Haruto instantly become a couple ten seconds after they first meet. From these two comes an awkward love story. Aki is a girl whose motto is, "If you love them, tell them right away!" On the other hand, Haruto thinks that there are times when you can't just confess your feelings.What if these two, with their opposing philosophies on love, were to suddenly become a couple one day? Haruto makes a surprise attack and steals another kiss from Aki, after which he invites her to his room... Because of a certain secret of Haruto's, their relationship proceeds in an unusual way, and at an unnaturally fast pace. Can these two, awkward in their purity, each find their own way to express "true love"...?

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