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Single Father, Surprise Prince! Comic


When Kelly, an employee at a media company, comes across Joe Tanner, she knows he's the man she saw in a magazine-there could be no mistake. This blue-eyed man was the son of the king of Ambria-a prince! Joe notices Kelly following him, and after a chat, Kelly discovers Joe has no childhood memories. And he's on his way to the airport to meet his child for the first time, and his babysitter has run off...and now Joe wants Kelly's help!



Fiancee for One Night Comic


Evelyn, a virtual secretary, liked her job. She liked that she could interact with her bosses online without ever having to meet them face-to-face-except for the one boss she had already met in person... She met Leo Zamos three years earlier. It was lust at first sight, but after a passionate kiss, she ran away from him. Leo didn't know his virtual secretary was the same woman he'd kissed. And, not knowing that she was, he demanded that Evelyn look for a woman to stay the night with him!



Sophie's Secret Comic


Sophie Hill has a brand-new job as an project assistant to the illustrious Marc Washington, the Italian magnate who won an auction for an uninhabited island and is dead set on making it his own personal haven. While this may be rote for the wealthy, Sophie doesn't come from this line of thinking or spending power, but she does have a personal connection to the Italy that Marc embraces. When Sophie was a child, she was a tomboy who adored her painter grandfather who took her in. Friends with a gondolier, Sophie never had much money, but she did have the love that comes from hard times with cherished family. Thankfully, a stranger saved her grandfather's life many years ago when he had a heart attack, but it might not be the only heart he saved in her world... There's no doubt that Sophie and Marc can make his dream of a private island home come true, but will they fill it with love?


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