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No Release Until Ecstasy Is Achieved Comic


I awoke to find myself in a secret chamber which I could only leave by obeying instructions. Then Liliya, the wild girl, began to...! The slightly perverse instructions quickly became very physical in nature! And what's with Liliya's behavior...? Perhaps this is how... I'll take the final step...! The two girls previously featured in "True Love That Starts With A Lie", Ai, the lecherous amateur, and Liliya, the girl who looks wild, are now following sensual orders. Just where will they lead...!?


True Love That Starts with a Lie Comic


"It turns out that Liliya still hasn't done it !" Geeky four-eyed Ai's "good luck charm condom" is picked up by the wild girl, Liliya Tanaka. Expecting to be teased, Ai is surprised to be asked, "You've got experience, right?" What's the startling request that comes from this...!? Is this the blessed, debauched school life of Ai, the lecherous, somewhat experienced girl!?

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