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Mature Romance Manga

Mature Romance Manga is a genre of romantic manga with a focus on the physical side of relationships, usually told from a female perspective.

Over-Cumming Writer's Block
To Ninja Love Is to Ninja Live -Is the Man I Love Infatuated with Me?-

How It Started

Show What Shojo Manga Can't

Mature Romance Manga surfaced in the late 1990s to early 2000s as an extension of Shojo Manga. It places emphasis on the physical aspects of love, rather than just the emotional.

What Makes It Different?

By Women, For Women (Just like Yaoi...!)

The Artist and the Beast

In the past, adult manga for women were often edited by men. Mature Romance Manga is almost exclusively created by women, for women.

Many Mature Romance Manga artists also draw Yaoi Manga or make yaoi fanart. As a result, many Mature Romance Manga involve themes familiar to yaoi fans, such as:

The Beauty is a Beast!? -An Uptown Guy and a Downtroden Girl- "Flamboyant" Men Tipsy Transformation -The Best Way to Enjoy Your Housekeeper- Genderbend The Guy I'm into Is a You-Know-What! Yaoi Fangirl Leads

Influenced by other adult-oriented genres, tropes like non-con were common in early Mature Romance Manga. Now, popular tropes are wholesome and fun, for example:

Over-Cumming Writer's Block Manga Artist Leads My Cute Bedfellow Earnest Lead Characters The Lion Man and the Geek Girl -My First Time Was with an Animal- Anthropomorphic Love
"Flamboyant" Men

Men who subvert gender roles and expectations...!

Staff: A manga about roommate romance and so much more, Emi and Kiichi show that love and sexuality is fluid and all-embracing. A different type of love for sure!
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Staff: How should you feel when your favorite masseuse( ) turned out to be the rich son( ) of a famous CEO!? For those of you who want a solid story!
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With these stories, you get the best of both worlds.

My Complex Soulmate!
Staff: Enjoy both gay and het romance with this manga as orientations go out the window! How will the two protagonists deal with Hibiki's gender-bending body!?
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Staff: Genderbend manga is all the rage, but don't miss out on this one! Are you still gay if you can turn into a woman!? Some food for thought in this love story!
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Yaoi Fangirl Leads

These love stories are relatable for many Renta! users, trust us!

Staff: Pure-hearted delinquent x yaoi fan girl! This is the high school romance you've been waiting for. Perfect for those of you who usually read yaoi!
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The Guy I'm into Is a You-Know-What!
Staff: This manga is a true romantic comedy! Even yaoi fan girls want some love, right? Watch as an elite businessman stumble (dragged?) into her otaku world!
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Manga Artist Leads

Desperate manga artists learning to love in real life.

Over-Cumming Writer's Block
Staff: The most reviewed manga on Renta! A slightly air-headed, but earnest writer and her new "teacher," Mr. Fujishima...! Perfect for those new to the genre!
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The Artist and the Beast
Staff: Not sure what to read? Go with this! A rare pair of a manga artist and a yakuza member, it's been purchased a total of 101,365 times as of Dec. 2019!
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Earnest Lead Characters

Characters who just want to support their loved one!

The Serious Case of Mr. Leonhard's Dysfunction
Staff: Reunited by fate!? A romance that begins as a mistake... The worst way to meet turns into the best of loves!?
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Staff: Shoma, the love interest, is strong, kind, and perfect The two protagonists' feelings for each other start from childhood and is the perfect slow burn...!
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My Cute Bedfellow
Staff: If blushing guys are your thing, try this! You get what you don't find much in Mature Romance Manga here: go-getter girls and understanding men in touch with their emotions.
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Anthropomorphic Love

Fantasty romance involving androids, cat boys, and more!

Life as a Dog-Man Owner
Staff: The archetypal fantasy of a pet-turned-hottie! Puppy boyfriends are honest and kind and expressive too. Later, a cat joins to liven things up...!
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Staff: Love knows no boundaries! Leo the lion has been by Yuri's side since forever, but who knew her wish for him to become human would ever come true...!?
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Do Androids Dream of Love?
Staff: A human and an android, in love? Even if these feelings are programmed, as long as you believe in each other, they'll surely become real!
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